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KeepCUp Helix Thermal Kit - Solo - 16oz


Turn your KeepCup into a classic bottle to caffeinate, hydrate and everything in between.


Made from double-walled, insulated stainless steel with a fully sealed twist-fit sipper lid. Easy clean, easy fill and compact storage. 


2 hours hot, 8 hours cold


Barista standard: Industry cup sizing, fits under coffee machine group heads, with drafted vessel for the perfect pour.


Designed for drinking pleasure on the go: Caffeinate, hydrate, and everything in between. KeepCup sipper lid allows for optimal liquid flow, and the new KeepCup Bottle twists together to multiply your reuse moments. 


Easy use, easy clean: Simple to assemble, made to last modular parts that fit across multiple products.



KeepCup Helix Thermal Kit -Stainless 16 oz / 22 oz

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