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It’s better to have fewer, high quality things and use them well. 

Our purpose has defined our business since the first KeepCup was sold, and we continue to be challenged as the world around us changes.

We cannot purchase our way to a sustainable future, but we believe in having few, high quality things and using them well. Fewer. Better.


Your KeepCup is made to last. We carefully consider purpose, materials and end of life when creating our products.


When you visit us, you can meet the people who hand assemble our products in our local warehouses – in Melbourne, Los Angeles and London.


We create products that are fit for purpose; to reduce and replace the use of disposable cups.


KeepCups are designed to facilitate reuse – for example, our press on lid is the result of precise engineering and manufacturing, to increase ease of use in busy café environments for those who make and drink coffee.


This connection to purpose informs our philosophy of choosing less, and it’s is an important step change in transforming to a circular economy.

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